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Sometimes We Underestimate a Small Thing

When MPKMB 47 was held, we had to make a inspiring story... and i made this.. ^.^In rule it had to be post on our webs, but i forgot... then after almost a year I've just posted already... hahahahas LOL

Sometimes We Underestimate a Small Thing

I had my friend since I entered International Class of my school. I won’t tell to you his name, let the readers guess who he is… He’s calm. He liked to play the guitar along day, sleeping in the class when it’s studying, had sleepy-weepy eyes, and was a leader of the class. I knew him lots enough, because he sat in front of me. He always played Dota, Counter Strike, and other games, even the class going on. At the first time, OK you may estimate him as the low-rank in the class. I had done it too. ^^

One a day, we had a test of mathematics. The test was very difficult, I remember it. A day before the test, he asked me some formulas and to teach him. Alright, I accepted his aims. I didn’t like to let someone in trouble. I taught him as possible as I could do. I had to be more patient than before, because he was too late to think. He had a low-response in answering questions -.- and he had a high tend to sleep and eating.

Then the test came. I sat directly in front of the teacher (not for arrogant, because that’s my chair in the class T.T), and he sat beside me to the right. During the test, the atmosphere was very quietly scaring us. I knew some students cheated each other in the back side, but whatever, that’s their busy if they were caught when they’re cheating. I was sick, got flu (that’s my sickness since I was child) but I believed I was able to do as far as I could. Finally, I finished the test. Hmm, I had something unusual happened. I turned my head to the right, and what I thought was happened. Yeah, can you guess it, my brother? My friend slept during the test! I couldn’t believe he slept in front of my eyes, my teacher, and in front of the class… How dare he was… ^^’. Fortunately, the teacher wasn’t angry to him. He just smiled and wrote something on the paper.
I knew he was used to sleep during the class. But, I never see him sleeping the test. Alright, maybe that’s his style. I didn’t push him to be like others, doing the test without sleeping. And then, about a week the result was announced. I got 8.6 and my sleepy friend got 9. Wow, everyone in the class was surprised. We did not expect he could do as high as he had just gotten in that day. I saw his reaction. He’s too flat. No reaction, just smiled (that’s why he was called Mr. Smile in our class. And because of him, my class name is SMILE). One of my friends, the cleverest in math, just call him Boy, didn’t accept the score. He argued that it was just a fortune. My sleepy friend, just call him Mr. Smile heard that and stated for challenge. He challenged Boy to get the score higher than he could in the next test. Boy laughed him, and received the challenge. The pact was if someone got score lower, he had to be the servant of the higher one.
The next test came. Mr. Smile unfortunately got 6, and the Boy got 9. Something contrast and irony I thought ^^’.

As the pact, Mr. Smile must be Boy’s servant. Yeah, I had predicted that Mr. Smile wouldn’t get as high as before. I knew Mr. Smile rank was the last of ours or maximal five ranks from the bottom. He was cleverer than me comparing to the IQ score, I got 119 and he got 140. But, the things that make his potency couldn’t be improved were his laziness and low-speed of thinking. Every day he and I discussed the tasks and the questions in every subject. Though, his rank was still in the low ranks. I knew, it’s hard to change a man to be a better person in a flash strike and a flash time. It’s impossible. I always encouraged him to be stronger and more diligent. I believe he would be a better person in the future. I like his endurance when a problem comes to him. He’s kind and one of my best friends.

The announcement of USMI came and I was stated to be a student of IPB. I was happy in that time. A thought crossed my mind. Then, I came to Mr. Smile and saying, ‘You have to be more than me. Get ITB! I know you can. You’re good in art and music. Come on, the test of ITB just a few weeks again. Show to the Boy that you are able to be over him.’ I said that because I knew he took the test of ITB, for entering FSRD. Although I know, he was not able to do more in scientific test, but I had a feeling that he was able to do in art test. Because, I often saw his pictures were very good. He was an artistic person. He’s fit to be there, as I fit in the faculty of Science.

After my acceptance in IPB, I looked him work hard than before. He studied more concentrate, and eliminated his habit (like sleeping in the class, playing game in the class). Sometimes, he asked me the formulas and discussed it together. Though, his loading was verily low. I appreciated him for his endeavor in studying and his endurance. His acts taught me for not sweat any small stuff, never give up wherever and whenever we are, always be smile and make someone smile. He was very honest. He never cheated in the class. I saw if he didn’t know the answers of the questions, he used to sleep and leave the sheet in blank. That’s something I couldn’t do, because I’m a little bit perfectionist.

And the entering test passed, and so did the national examination and school examination. We’re just waiting the announcement from the universities. I had been accepted in IPB, so I didn’t feel any kind of Scooby swoopy and nervous. Although I’d been calm down, I was still very anxious and very nervous when heard the announcements. I saw one by one my friends got their choices in every university they want. My mates got UGM, STAN, UI, UNUD, UNDIP, UNBRAW, ext. I became happy. Beside I felt the happiness, I felt the sadness too. I knew some of my friends couldn’t get anything. They went back home with no fruits in their hands. I saw them crying, gloomy, and sad.

By the way, how’s about Mr. Sleepy? When the announcement of ITB was sounded out, he was confused how to see that. Because, we had to look it personally via PIN of ourselves. And the problem was he forgot the PIN of himself. As the result, no one knew how he was. Everyone in my class still waited (he was like the public figure in our class) him. And the next day the news came. He was accepted. I remember that the expression of Mr. Boy. He was not belief in that news and stated that was just his second fortune. Once Mr. Sleepy showed to us the announcement, and then he proved himself to Mr. Boy that he could be over him. Mr. Sleepy was very proud. Everyone gave the congratulations to him, included Mr. Boy (though his expression was happy in a doubt). I specially gave him a present because of his endeavor. He becomes my inspirations.

According to him, I learn that we have to give our best of the best in every condition, though the others do not support us directly or indirectly. And everyone was born in cleverness. It’s just us, the determiner of our future. We draw our fate. We can change our fate since we do some forces to ourselves. Our life is presents of The Living. Would we just spend our time in something unmeant?

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