Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Crowded Earth: how many is too many?

Tianmen Square, China

Already straining to host seven billion souls, Earth is set to teem with billions more, and only a revolution in the use of resources can avert an environmental crunch, experts say.
As early as 1798, Thomas Malthus gloomily forecast that our ability to reproduce would quickly outstrip our ability to produce food, leading to mass starvation and a culling of the species.
But an industrial revolution and its impact on agriculture proved Malthus and later doomsayers wrong, even as our numbers doubled and redoubled with accelerating frequency.
"Despite alarmist predictions, historical increases in population have not been economically catastrophic," notes David Bloom, a professor in the Department of Global Health and Population at Harvard.
Today, though, it seems reasonable to ask if Malthus wasn't simply a couple of centuries ahead of the curve.
On October 31, the world's population is officially scheduled to hit seven billion -- a rise of two billion in less than a quarter century.
Over six decades, the global fertility rate has roughly halved, and amounts to a statistical 2.5 children per woman today.

Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Simoncelli Death and Fatal Earthquake in Turkey

Though I'm not the one who loves motoGP as a holics, I like to know the news about it well.. Then, when I was opening my hand phone yesterday (10 pm), I got this bad news belong to a fatal earthquake rattled south east Turkey... This is both news...

Simoncelli Death in Malaysian Moto GP

Italian motorcyclist Marco Simoncelli died in a horrific crash at yesterday's MotoGP race in Malaysia, in full view of his devastated family and girlfriend.
The 24-year-old was flung from his bike and skidded across the track, before apparently being hit by competitors Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi.
His mother Rossella, father Paolo and girlfriend Kate watched in horror as Simoncelli's bike was smashed to pieces after his dramatic loss of control in the second lap. 
They wept in shock as the unconscious rider was taken to the medical centre at the track in Sepang for treatment, but his injuries to the chest, head and neck were too serious for him to be saved.
Simoncelli's fellow Honda rider Dani Pedrosa, who had fallen out with Simoncelli earlier in the season, said: 'I've been with his father and all we could do was to hug, nothing else matters.
'Everybody in the paddock remains in shock. Many times we ourselves forget how dangerous this sport can be and when you lose people on the way nothing has any meaning. It's clear that we all do what we like, what we love, but on days like today nothing matters.'
He added: 'In a tragedy like this there is not much to say. I just want to give my condolences to his family and all the people who love him.' 
Marco Simoncelli

Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

Sometimes We Underestimate a Small Thing

When MPKMB 47 was held, we had to make a inspiring story... and i made this.. ^.^In rule it had to be post on our webs, but i forgot... then after almost a year I've just posted already... hahahahas LOL

Sometimes We Underestimate a Small Thing

I had my friend since I entered International Class of my school. I won’t tell to you his name, let the readers guess who he is… He’s calm. He liked to play the guitar along day, sleeping in the class when it’s studying, had sleepy-weepy eyes, and was a leader of the class. I knew him lots enough, because he sat in front of me. He always played Dota, Counter Strike, and other games, even the class going on. At the first time, OK you may estimate him as the low-rank in the class. I had done it too. ^^

Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011


Langit menggantung dalam diam...
Bumi menghampar dalam diam...

Aku ingin menyapa angin...
Aku ingin menyapa air...
Aku ingin menyapa api...
Angin berbisik dalam tawa
Air mengalir tak menyapa
Api berkobar dalam asa...

Bintang gemintang
Sang mentari hanya bergerak saja
Memberikan arah dan cahaya
Setiap kali kubertanya, tak ada yang menjawab...