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Magelang! :D

One relief of Borobudur Temple
(Source: collection of site's owner)
Assalaamualaikum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhu! :D

I feel very happy today because I've just made a trip from Bogor to Magelang. I go to Magelang for killing my time besides move some unimportant baggage from my boarding-logging. I departed from Baranangsiang bus terminal at around 1:30pm on August 25 and arrived here in Magelang in the next day in the morning. It's somehow quite fast! You'd not have a time for sleeping i think. :D

Here i won't tell ya about what will i do along thins quite long holiday. Nor the trip I had felt. Nor what the luggage I brought to Magelang. LOL :D
Hereby I just share to you about "What Magelang is." :D Simple right?

Though I only have been here for just about four times already, it doesn't make me knowledge-less about this town. First, this town is my brother-in-law's resident. Second my sister lives here as his wife (so I used to let my vacation here :D). Third, I like to eat the unique culinary here... :D By the way, about culinary, I love kupat tahu, kripik tempe, kripik tahu, and gethuk. They're traditional culinary of Magelang. It's tasty and you have to eat them! :D

Shape of military ship curved on Borobudur
Lane of Kamadatu (Source: Collection of site's owner)

Magelang is one of the famous city on Central Java. It is located somehow sandwiched between the mountains and high lands. So, it is cold here. Everywhere is fields, forests, farm, and other field of agricultural based economy. Beside its agriculture, Magelang has famous artifacts and ancient building erected around this city.

This city is located approximately at the center of Magelang Regency. Magelang city has a unique view according to its hilly location. To the north, you'll see Sumbing Mount, while facing to the east-south you'll get Merapi Mount erects in vaunt with a thin smoke somehow blasted from its crater, near there Merbabu Mount stands in silence. Magelang is divided into three districts. It is bordered by Progo River on the west side and Elo River to the east side. Majority of Magelang population is muslim. Though some minorities of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, and traditional Javanese belief (Kejawen).

Magelang City Seal
(Source: wikipedia.org)
Surrounded the mountains and mount, the air becomes fresh and the land is very fertile. Near from the house of my sister there are many many rice fields stretches across the hill down to river. Some vegetables are planted anywhere in the gaps. It's so beautiful.

Based on its history, Magelang is thought to have been built since king Balitung of Mataram Kingdom still ruled this area. In past it was named Mantyasih (see further here). Along time goes on, during colonial era of England Magelang was the city which supported colonial government as the seat of government. First leader (bupati) of Magelang, Mas Ngabehi Danukromo, built up Alun-Alun (town square), Grand Mosque of Magelang (Masjid Agung Magelang), and Bupati Residence.
Water Tower of Magelang stands on Town Square
(Source: wikipedia.org)
On 1818 after Dutch defeated British, Magelang became the capital city of Karesidenan Kedu. Under Dutch rule, Magelang became the strategic and benefit location for trading and central economy. For supporting its condition Dutch government built up a drinking tower water (called: Menara Air Minum) which is able to be seen up today. Dutch added some public medium of transportation, like: asphalt roads and electricity in early 20 century.

Historically since Dutch colonial era, Magelang was the military post. So it is not questionable if you find a military academy (or military associated-academy, like Taruna Nusantara) established here. After Indonesian Independence Magelang became kotapraja and then kotamadya until now.

Magelang is a small city though, it has lots of points of interest standing inside and around this city. Remember Borobudur? Yes! It's located near Magelang. From center of Magelang city, it can easily get there only in half hour by vehicles. It is the most beautiful and magnificent temple in Central Java. Other small temples are scattered around Borobudur temple like Canggal temple.

Magelang Shopping Center
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Beside Borobudur, Magelang has more museum emphasized on military museum. As in town square a statue of Prince of Diponegoro stands, other museum like Museum Pangeran Diponegoro, the place where Diponegoro was arrested.

How about shopping center? It's not hard to search and lurking on the city. Just go a walk from town square you'll find Pecinan, a place where the most busiest trade, shop markets are on side by side. Restaurant and more are available here.

The most famous park on Magelang is Kyai Langgeng Park. It is located in southern part of Magelang near the river. It is very large park. For entering it you are taxed 8,000 IDR for adults. Then, you can enjoy the beautiful panoramas around the park... Or you may try to play some game in game-spots, or watch film? It's on here. A historical place is placed on Mount Tidar, near to the Military Academy in southern part of Magelang, called Petilasan Syekh Subakir from Iran.

Even though Magelang is a small city, Magelang has number of universities and colleges. Here are the colleges which are located in Magelang: Military Academy of Magelang (AKMIL), Muhammadiyah University of Magelang (UMM), Tidar University of Magelang (UTM), Bina Patria Computer College of Magelang (STIMIK Bina Patria), Tirtawiayasa Water College (Akademi Tirtawiyasa), and Nurse Academy of Magelang (AKPER Magelang)

Merapi Mount as seen from Terasan, Bandongan, Magelang
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Magelang has many options of transportation. You can choose cars, motorbikes, buses, paddy cabs, becak, and bicycles. Though the most popular is motorbikes. The public transportation which is available in Magelang is mainly buses and cars (we say angkot in Indonesian).

Formerly Magelang has a railway connected from Semarang through to Yogyakarta. But, somehow it was closed due to its operational cost of that time. Now, the remains of railway can be seen near the traditional market on eastern part of Magelang.

Magelang doesn't support any airport. Though there's a track of buses go up from Yogyakarta airport, Adisucipto Int'l Airport; named DAMRI. Other airports located near Magelang are: Adisumarmo on Surakarta and Achmad Yani on Semarang.

Borobudur on Arupadatu Level
(Source: nationalgeograpic.com)
I think it's enough and this is time to say good bye! Don't forget to visit Magelang sometime! :D Because we have more attractive interesting points to shock you here... :D

Come! Visit Indonesia 2012! :)

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