Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

After Loooong Period

Hi guys! Howdy??? Iback again to my own blog... I become quite dizzy because of forgetting my own password... (^^')

May be I just give a little bit information here along the 'status quo' time since graduation from Senior High School (^o^)

After been graduated, I'd go to Bogor (the rainest city in Indonesia) for fulfilling the administration of BAU (Bogor Agricultural University)... For the first years I have to be in dormitory... It's too far enough from Bara (a nick name of Babakan Raya) if you'd like to searching various of food... T.T

I got in a room with three other friends. They are from different area of this country. One from Lampung named Gery... He becomes the leader of our corridor... TERRIFIC! The other is Ayyi' from Madiun (A City of Tofu... yummy ^^) and the last is Fauzy from Bogor. We are pressed in room size of 5x5 meters... Compacted like this make me more like in a jail... ^^

I got chemistry for the first subject in matriculation... It's a time to say that.. WHAT A BUSY DAY!!! T.T

Alhamdulillah, Praise to the God the ALMIGHTY... I could pass it well done got A. I was very very very happy... (=^w^=)
But I didn't want to get drunk of euphoria... I study and study for better skills. In organization, class, laboratory, and society... ^^
I can't give more information to you. because I have to finish my goal in this year.. Good bye!!! Hope you'll always be in the Lord's...

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