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Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

Seven years back, December 26 2004 (7.58 am)

Do you still remember these videos? Don't let them go as the time passes. Let it be a lesson to human races, how to manage the situation during the disastrous condition, how to educate the people who live along the dangerous area, and how to make you more humanist...

  Just in a day and everything changed... If you were there... If you felt what they felt... If you see what they see... Would you be safe? You can laugh when see this video... But imagine that you're there... You know nothing about this disaster before... just got shocked by the earthquake... And you see the fishes were lying on the sea floor.... Would you take it or leave it? You would be the victim, at least even though you're safe you lost everything your belongings only in a moment...

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